Leicester Local Quaker Meeting  -  Audio-Visual Page

News of members and attenders in audio and visual media (video and stills)

Catherine Hickinbotham funeral meeting - Great Glen Crematorium

Audio quality:  The quality of the audio recording was compromised by the siting of the microphone and the limitation on numbers attending.  A copy of the notes Roger Hickinbotham used when speaking about his mother can be found here.

Lisa, Alexander, Johanna and Jonathan in Orange County, California

As many will know our Ffriends Lisa, Alexander and family are in California at the moment.  They have also been experiencing the effects of the Covig-19 pandemic including shutting of the schools and colleges.  Click on the links in the header to see and hear Johanna and Jonathan performing Beethoven Piano Sonatas as part of an online link-up by their college.

A major present concern of the Orange County Quaker Meeting