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Leicester Quaker Area Meeting

Leicester Quaker Area Meeting is one of the 75 primary bodies for Quakers in Britain, ie in England, Wales and Scotland. Regardless of which local Meeting we attend, whether Leicester, Loughborough, Oakham or Rugby, our membership is recorded by Area Meeting.

We accept Friends in the Leicester Area into membership.
We appoint Elders and Overseers.
We own the meeting houses in Leicester, Oakham and Rugby. There is currently no meeting house in Loughborough. 
We correspond with Meeting for Sufferings and the central work of Britain Yearly Meeting.
We have authority to suggest items or topics for the agenda of Yearly Meeting.
We encourage Friends and Attenders to learn and grow in the Quaker Way.
We are a forum for the four local meetings.

Leicester Quaker Area Meeting is a charitable body in its own right and we will eventually be required to register with the Charities Commission according to their rules on income.

We have a Clerk and a Treasurer.
We set and manage a budget each year, which incorporates the budget of the four local meetings.
We maintain reserves to ensure the proper repair of our meeting houses.
We appoint some of the trustees and our four local meetings appoint the others.
We appoint a representative and an alternate to attend Meeting for Sufferings.
We send representatives to conferences and general meetings.
We ensure that sufficient of our Members attend Yearly Meeting each year to ensure that Yearly Meeting may take place.
We keep records of our decisions, of our property and investments, and of our compliance with legislation.

The principal role of the Trustees is to monitor our activities as Area Meeting and as our four local meetings. Our Trustees report annually to Quaker Stewardship Committee which is set up by Yearly Meeting to support local and area meetings in their finance and property.

Trustees ensure that our money is looked after and spent wisely.
Trustees ensure that the three meeting houses are properly maintained.
Trustees ensure that appropriate insurance is held by the four local meetings.
Trustees ensure compliance of the four local meetings with fire protection, health and safety and safeguarding of young people, and other similar regulations and legislation.
Trustees ensure that records are kept.
Trustees advise us as Area Meeting and as our four local meetings of appropriate action in all the above.

The four local meetings at Leicester, Loughborough, Oakham and Rugby:
Hold regular Meetings for Worship;
Arrange pastoral care for their members and attenders;
Look after the spiritual health of their members and attenders;
Provide for children and young people;
Look after their Meeting House;
Set policies for the hire of their Meeting House;
Encourage giving by their members and attenders.

Area Meeting Trustees

Trustees Documents