Some useful links

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Videos made by Watford Quakers in their meeting about their understanding of key aspects of the Quaker faith. (Click on the 'Videos' tab from their homepage ): http://www.watfordquakers.org.uk/

Contact Friends' House London: www.quaker.org.uk/

"Quakers in The World"  - a newish 'portal'  http://www.quakersintheworld.org/home.html

Read "The Friend " - weekly magazine for Quakers in Britainwww.thefriend.org/

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Birmingham:   www.woodbrooke.org.uk/ 

Young Friends' activities [yqspace]: www.yqspace.org.uk/

Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network:       http://qarn.org.uk

Quaker Lesbian and Gay Fellowship http://www.qlgf.org.uk/

Working for peace: Northern Friends Peace Board http://www.gn.apc.org/nfpb/

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust www.jrct.org.uk