'Quakers in Britain' (see 'Links' tab) publish a series of short pamphlets which introduce newcomers to aspects of the Quaker faith and practice.  Free printed copies of a selection of these pamphlets can be found in our meeting houses (usually in the entrance foyer).  If you are visiting and can't see them do ask. Below are some which are online and available for you to download and print.  You can click on a link to view online (in a separate tab or window) and print.  If you close the window in which the pamphlet is displayed you will return to this screen

'Quakers Today' has brief sections on 'Who are the Quakers'; 'Quaker Meetings'; 'Quakers, God and Jesus'; 'Faith and practice'; 'The Quaker community'; and 'Who can be a Quaker'.  Click here if you would like to know more.

'Living What We Believe' has a little more detail about 'Faith and practice' and in particular the Quaker testimonies about 'Truth and Integrity'; 'Justice, Equality and Community'; 'Simplicity'; and 'Peace'. Click here if you would like to know more.